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We always recommend checking with your embassy, a clearing agent in Dominica or the authorities in Dominica to ensure you have up to date information on the rules and regulations. The information here is for guidance purposes only and should not be used as hard and fast rules.

If you choose to ship your car to the DR there are a few things you need to know ahead of time. Be aware that the process can be a long one.

As a new resident you can bring in a car at little or no duty if you have owned it for two years, and it is less than five years old. You can bring in a brand new car if you pay duty on it, and you cannot bring in a car older than five years old under any circumstance.

DR Law 168 is the importation law for vehicles, and under this law you are allowed to bring one personal vehicle that you have owned for more than one year in your respective country, at a heavily reduced import tax. Anyone, (Dominicans and foreigners) can use it as long as they are making the DR their home. This is why they require the title record and registration plate history. Another thing about Law 168 is that you cannot sell your vehicle for three years after you’ve brought it to the DR. Also, you have to wait another five years to invoke this law again on another vehicle you wish to bring.

Take all the paperwork from the shipping company and send it to your customs broker to do the initial legwork. If you let the shipping company send the papers themselves then you would have to have a power of attorney for someone else to receive the paperwork for you in the DR

Documentation Preparation

In order to clear customs in a timely period of time, the importer must present a declaration warrant with the following information:

  1. Name and address of Exporter/Importer/Declarant;
  2. Tax Payer Account (Trader Code) Number
  3. Name of vessel, nationality of vessel, date of report of vessel;
  4. Mode of transport, port/frontier office;
  5. Country of First Destination/country of Final Destination;
  6. Accurate declaration of values, regimes, Customs Procedure Codes (C.P.C.), tariff classifications, quantities, supplementary quantities, weights, origin, conversion rates, duty/tax rates and duty calculations; and
  7. The precise and proper description of the goods.

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