Our Container Export Services

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Container Vehicle Loading and Devanning

We Load 20FT or 40FT Containers with Motors Vehicles and utilize sufficient lashing to strap them down as well as utilizing metal chokes to ensure cars are fully secure. Where required we are also able to offer professional unloading services.

Trans-Rak Car Loading and Devanning

For those looking to utilize the Trans-Rak method of loading our team has experience in using Trans-Rak racks to offer secure car loading. We also have access to companies that have racks which we can use.

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Wood Based Cars in Containers

We are able to load 3 or 4 vehicles in 40FT containers using wooden ramps for those who don’t have racking systems. We ensure cargo is extremely safe.

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Personal Effects

Apart from specialising in shipping of cars, where required we are able to safely pack personal effects in containers. We further are able to load cars and personal effects for sage and cost effective shipping.

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General Cargo in Containers

Due to our excellent customer service, we are often tasked to load other items in containers – and we do this with a specialised team who have loaded containers for over 10 years.

Flat Rack Loading

If it wont fit into a normal container or we are unable to find a RoRo service, we are able to load Tractor Units, Trucks, Machinery and a host of different cargo types on flat racks.

Vehicle and Goods Storage

Through our warehouse we are able to store goods prior to export or after import

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Project Cargo

From factory machines to heavy machines, we are able to safely and secure your cargo.

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