Shipping a Car to Botswana via Walvis Bay or Durban

We ship via RoRo, a Shared Container or a Dedicated Container depending on your choice.

For those not familiar with RoRo Vehicle Shipping, it is more of a floating car park where cars are lashed to the floor and driven in and off the ship.

If you wish to ship to Gabrone in a Container, this can be via Durban and then Rail to Gabrone

We are able to offer clearance in Walvis Bay and also in Durban for onwards delivery to Botswana for you allowing you to receive the vehicle at the border. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and competitive rates for Car Shipping to Botswana.

Shipping Schedule to Botswana

Vessel Name Closing Date Estimated Time of Arrival
Grand Dolphin 22/05/2021 29/06/2021

Why Simba Shipping

Just a few reasons to choose us, experience vehicle shipping at its best.

Amazing Prices

We offer the best shipping prices and further offer a price match service should you get a better rate.

Exceptional Service

We love our customers and pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience.

Shipping Knowledge

Our team possesses years of experience in the shipping world ensuring we offer the best solution for your shipments.

Technology Investment

We love technology and use it to give our customers the best shipping experience.

Ethical Business Practice

We take great pride in being an ethical business and ensuring our customers come first at all times

Transit Time

Transit times to Walvis Bay from the UK is generally 18 Days via RoRo

Transit time to Durban from the UK are generally 22 Days via RoRo

Container transit times to Walvis Bay and Durban are generally 30 Days where the container would be unpacked. If shipped to Gaborone then this would be railed and take roughly a further 14 days.

Loading Ports:

For Walvis Bay, we offer shipments from Sheerness and Teesport ports in the UK.

For Durban, we offer shipments from Southampton and Newcastle and will some times have a sailing from Sheerness to Durban as well.

For Container Loading, we offer loading via Ipswitch Port.

Sailing Frequency

RoRo: Twice a Month

Container: Weekly

Cargo Types Handled:

We are able to offer shipment of Vehicles, Trucks, Machinery and any type of wheeled cargo to Botswana from the UK.

Destination Agent:

We are able to assist in clearance and on-transit carriage in Walvis Bay or Durban saving you the hassle of travelling to the borders.

Shipping Price to Botswana

Destination Country (Port) RoRo Saloon RoRo 4x4 20FT 40FT
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More Information

How to Ship Your Car From UK to Botswana Via RoRo Shipping

To ship your car, we require our booking form to be filled in allowing us to start preparing the shipment process. On receiving your booking form, our customer care agents ensure that all the information is correct before preparing the shipping documentation needed to arrange your shipment.

Once the customer agent processes your booking, they will send you a shipping note which then allows you to deliver the vehicle to the terminal of shipment. The shipping note will indicate the address of where to deliver the vehicle and it is important that you are conscious of the closing dates and receiving times for the terminal.

The closing date is when the port stops accepting shipments as they need to also prepare loading operations.

When delivering a car to the port it is important that you wear a high viz jacket as otherwise you will not be allowed inside the port.

Personal Effects in Cars

We are often asked whether personal effects can be loaded, it depends on different vessels however they can be based on the vessel that is sailing. However we do not recommend loading items in cars which are being shipped on RoRo vessel due to pilferage.

Bill of Lading

The most important document in the shipment process, it is imperative that you ensure that the details indicated on the Bill of Lading are correct. Incorrect details will lead to problems in releasing shipments or clearance at destination.

The Bill of Lading is also a ‘title deed’ of sorts as it allows you to get release of the shipment.

Our documentation team will send you a draft to allow you to check that the details are correct, once confirmed the final document will then be prepared.

Telex Release or Original Bill of Lading

You will often be asked by our documentation team whether you wish to arrange a Telex Release or require the Original Bill of Lading. What is the difference?

Telex Release: This is where a copy of the Bill of Lading will suffice to release the shipment as opposed to Original Bills of Lading which need to be presented for release of the shipment. With Telex release the original documents are surrendered and therefore the copy is sufficient.

Avatar Kevin Kabuga ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
Excellent customer service.
Been working with them since 2017 and no complaints thus far.
Well done Simba!
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Excellent and quality service, the staff are always happy to help and Mike and the team are always there whenever we have needed them. I think the 5 stars are worth it as the customer service really shows through when things go wrong … More and they are always happy to help.
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i am at peace with with the simba team..... timely updates good customer care you name it...quality unmatched...
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Always competitive prices
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Very reliable company with very good communication skills and always available to help.
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