Vehicle Collection

Vehicle Collection

Your One-Stop Destination For A Hassle-Free Car Shipping Service

We at Simba Shipping Ltd, understand the value a car holds for its owner, and know that when a customer chooses us for their transportation needs, they are trusting us to take care of their valued possession. Hence, we take great pride in providing an exceptional car shipping service, along with trucks, high and heavy cargo, or anything on wheels, by making high level customer satisfaction our top priority and end goal.

At Simba Shipping Ltd, we arrange for nationwide collection of vehicles from anywhere in UK for delivery to the port of loading. We also deliver it to our warehouse for any formalities prior to car shipping, or in case there are some specific instructions that need to be followed. To ensure our customers’ peace of mind, and their vehicle’s safety, the cars are insured while being driven to the port or stored at our warehouse.

We do the collection and delivery on car transporters or use highly professional drivers, who carry trade plates that allow them to drive vehicles without any valid tax. You have to ensure your car is completely ready for transit when the transporter or the driver arrives. If there are any mechanical issues with the car, this is the time to notify the driver so that preparations can be made accordingly. Before the transporter or driver leaves, notify them of special instructions or notes, if any.

Adequate preparation, and honest and clear communication are essential to create a positive experience during this process.

Many people are first-time shippers, and for them this whole rigmarole can be quite a daunting affair. But if you choose us as your shipping company of choice, then you can cast away all those worries. We ship to multiple countries around the world, and ensure your car’s complete safety. As a reputed car shipping service, we can take care of all your queries, and ensure you of our highest level of customer service. We strive to provide high quality service that fulfils our motto, “once you choose us, you will recommend us.”