Shipping Cars To Zimbabwe From The UK

UK Car Shipping to Zimbabwe

Car Shipping To Zimbabwe

Shipping a Car to Zimbabwe via Walvis Bay, Durban or Beira Port

UK to Zimbabwe car shipping

We are a shipping company that offers convenient, monthly RoRo Car Shipping to Zimbabwe. This is done from Sheerness and Killingholme in the UK to Walvis Bay, Namibia. Additionally, we provide car shipping to Maputo or Beira, in Mozambique, and Durban, in South Africa, from Southampton to Walvis Bay for vehicles in transit to Zimbabwe.

NB: Shipping to Beira is Container  Shipping only, not RoRo.

We ship cars from the UK and offer a clearing service to Bulawayo, Harare, Plumtree or Beitbridge. We ship anything from saloon cars, trucks, minivans, buses, agricultural equipment, lorries… Simply put, if it has wheels, we can ship it!

Thinking about shipping your car from the UK to Zimbabwe? First, think about whether you want to ship through Namibia or through Durban.

If you are shipping your car to Harare or Plumtree from the UK, then shipping to the Namibian border is the cheaper and faster option.

However, if you are shipping a car from the UK to Beitbridge, then shipping to Durban first is the cheaper and faster option since Durban is closer.

RoRo Shipping Schedule to Walvis Bay:
Vessel Name Closing Date Estimated Time of Arrival

Glovis Spirit

 31/01/2019  21/02/2019

 Genuine Ace

 12/02/2019  07/03/2019

Transit Times

Shipping your car from the UK to Namibia takes 18 days. Your car will then be delivered to your preferred destination in Zimbabwe 48 hours after it has been cleared by customs in Namibia.

Once the vessel has sailed from the UK to the port for Namibia or Durban, we keep you updated weekly about the vessel’s ETA to ensure that clearing and collection of your car is a hassle-free experience.

Our Services

If your vehicle is going to be loaded with anything – machinery, household appliances etc – please let us know at the time of enquiry so we can obtain permission from the shipping lines and advise you what charges may apply, if any, should the vehicle be loaded.

We at Simba Shipping believe that the customer is key and we strive to offer the best service possible:

  1. We believe in great customer service
  2. We endeavour to make your experience hassle-free.
  3. We believe that once you use us you will recommend us
  4. Extremely quick document turnaround – from Shipping Documents to Bills of Lading
  5. Extremely knowledgeable about car shipping as this is what we do on a daily basis.
  6. Car collection by Professional Insured Drivers with Trade Plates or Car Transporters from anywhere in the UK at an extra cost. A 3-day notice is required
  7. It doesn’t stop once you drop your vehicle to us – we are here for you all the way and will send you regular ETA updates
  8. We aim to beat or match any written quote.

How to Ship Your Car From UK to Zimbabwe

Simba Shipping uses two shipping methods to ship cars to Zimbabwe: RoRo (Roll on Roll Off) Car Shipping and Container Car Shipping.

Roll-On-Roll-Off (RoRo) from the UK to Zimbabwe

ocean-transportation-4-compressed-50RoRo shipping from is the cheapest and most preferred option for car shipping from the UK to Zimbabwe (Plumtree) via Walvis Bay or from the UK to Beitbridge, Zimbabwe through Durban.

RoRo shipping is also the preferred method of shipping for vehicles that cannot fit in a standard 20ft or 40ft container.

When shipping through RoRo, your car is driven onto the vessel and tied down to the ship’s floor. RoRo ships are designed to carry a fleet of cars and is the preferred mode of shipping vehicle manufacturers utilise and UK vehicle exporters.

Professional minders look after your vehicle on the ship to ensure it is safe in transit.

With RoRo shipping, we don’t advise putting any personal items in the car as their safety is not guaranteed during the offloading process.

We ship cars to Zimbabwe from the Sheerness, Immingham, Killingholme and Southampton ports in the UK.

Containerised Vehicle Shipping

china--hong-kong-harbor--tugboat-sailing-alongside-container-ship-sb10068901i-001-596545885f9b583f18174c57With container shipping, your car is put in its own 20Ft or 40Ft container. The car is then securely tied down to ensure maximum safety as you ship your car. Despite it being more costly, it has a huge advantage over RoRo car shipping in that you can also load the container with your personal effects.

To get a free quote for your container shipping needs to Zimbabwe via Durban or Walvis Bay either email us or complete our online quote form. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime please see below price guide to help you.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car from The UK to Zimbabwe?

Simba Shipping prefers to simplify costs to consider when shipping your car from the UK to Zimbabwe. From vehicle collection, shipping costs, clearing through customs, delivering the car to borders in Zimbabwe such as Bulawayo, Harare, Plumtree or Beitbridge etc.

Our shipping costs to Zimbabwe have been put together to offer you, our valued customer the best value for your money.

For a free quote, please get in touch with us. We will tailor costs according to your requirements to provide you with an affordable, hassle-free shipping experience.


When shipping cars to Zimbabwe, these are the documents we need from you in order to book your shipment:

  1. UK V5 for the vehicle
  2. Your Details
  3. Details of the Receiver at Destination

Destination Clearing Agents

We can recommend a clearing agent in Walvis Bay who can also assist you to transport your car or 4 x 4  from Walvis Bay to a collection yard in either Bulawayo or Harare for you. 

We do not, at present, have our own inland haulage option so although we are happy to recommend someone to help you, they are not part of Simba Shipping and you will be dealing with them directly once your shipment arrives in Walvis Bay.

Our service is Port to Port.  Please ask our customer service team for details.

Container Options

We can also offer container rates for one vehicle in a 20ft container or 2 vehicles in a 40ft container through to Bulawayo or Harare, on request. 

This service is from Felixstowe, via Durban in South Africa, and the transport to Zimbabwe is done by rail. If you want to load your vehicle that is going into the container with personal effects you may, as long as the driving operation of the vehicle remains unhampered and all items loaded are inside the vehicle.

This is down to the discretion of the shipping line though, so please do always let us know your plans at the enquiry stage.

Additional Services

We can collect your vehicle from anywhere in the UK via our UK vehicle collection service and deliver it to the port. Through our vast knowledge of Shipping cars to Zimbabwe from the UK, we will hold your hand all the way, by helping you finalize the requisite paperwork.

Additionally, we provide marine insurance services so that you may have peace of mind as you ship your vehicle.

Get in touch with us for affordable, friendly, hassle-free shipping.

Why Should You Trust Simba Shipping?

Looking for the best way to ship your car from the UK to Zimbabwe? Simba Shipping is a specialist vehicle shipping company – we specialize in shipping vehicles all over the world from the UK and have a combined experience of over 50 years in shipping.

We believe in providing value for money, and strive to offer the best shipping rates.

We have been shipping to Walvis Bay and Zimbabwe for a number of years and understand the intricates and rules and regulations for Shipping a vehicle to Zimbabwe.

We ensure we ship with the best shipping lines, who have regular vessels as well as a reliable schedule.

We stand by our core customer values of:

  1. The Best Customer Experience
  2. Provide Value for Money
  3. Find Solutions Before Saying No
  4. Love Colleagues and Customers
  5. Rapid Turnaround