Shipping Cars To Tanzania From The UK

Shipping a Car to Tanzania

Car Shipping To Tanzania

Shipping a Car to Tanzania via Dar Es Salaam

Shipping a Car from the UK to Tanzania

We offer an efficient service with very competitive rates for car shipping to Tanzania. We can offer shipping of cars by:

  • RoRo – Roll on Roll off Car Shipping:

RoRo ships are specifically designed to carry cars under deck and so are not exposed to any external elements such as water. Cars are secured and lashed to the floor of the ship to prevent any movement during transit.

  • 20 Ft Or 40ft Containerised Car Shipping:

Cars are loaded and secured in the container to prevent any movement during transit. Containers are loaded with your car only and this is then opened at destination to ensure security. This a a weekly service from Felixstowe (1 vehicle in a 20ft container, or 2 in a 40ft container)


RoRo Ports we offer:-

We offer shipping to Dar Es Salaam from the UK via

  • Tilbury
  • Immingham
  • Sheerness
  • Killingholme

The average transit time being 28 – 30 days to Dar Es Salaam

We offer two roll on roll off (roro) sailings a month to Dar-es-Salaam port in Tanzania, East Africa, subject to scheduling.  This is a very popular destination for both new and second hand vehicles from Tilbury port. Vehicles may also be loaded with personal effects at the shipper’s own risk and expense. If you plan on loading your car, please let us know when you make the enquiry.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

If shipping from Tilbury to Mombasa Kenya  – we can also arrange the pre-shipment inspection on your behalf.


Our Service

We offer competitive rates and strong customer service to ensure that shipping is a simple procedure for you.  We supply guidance every step of the way and we are always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.  If you’d like to ship your vehicle to Dar-es-Salaam, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote based on the make and model of your vehicle.  If you decide that you’d like to make a booking with us, we will provide you with a booking form to fill in and email back to us with a copy of the log book – it is that simple!


After Shipment

After the vessel sails we will let you know that your vehicle has been shipped, and thereafter we will update you regularly on the ETA of the vessel into Tanzania so that you are always fully informed.  If you need guidance for the clearing procedure at the port we will give you contact details of the clearing agents in Dar-es-Salaam who will be able to assist you with that and advise any charges or rules and regulations.


RoRo Car Shipping Schedule to Tanzania:

Vessel Name Closing Date Estimated Time of Arrival
 Grand Dolphin 19/10/18 26/11/18