Shipping Cars To South Africa From The UK

Shipping a Car to South Africa

Car Shipping To South Africa

Shipping a Car to South Africa via Durban, Port Elizabeth or East London

Shipping a Car UK to South Africa

We offer an efficient service with very competitive rates for car shipping to South Africa. We can offer shipping of cars by:

  • RoRo – Roll on Roll off Car Shipping:

These are vessels specifically designed to carry cars under deck and are not exposed to any external elements. Cars are secured and lashed to the floor of the ship to prevent any movement during transit.

  • 20 Ft Or 40ft Containerised Car Shipping:

Cars are loaded and secured in the container to prevent any movement during transit. Containers only carry your car and are then sealed in the UK. On arrival at destination they are opened in the presence of your agent of yourself based on regulations.

When it comes to shipping your cars and SUV / 4 x 4s to South Africa, we offer our customers plenty of choice.  On a roro basis (that is roll on, roll off, when vehicles are driven onto the vessel and securely lashed under deck, protected from the elements)  We can offer a sailing from Sheerness to Durban, or Southampton to Durban,  Port Elizabeth or East London, so where ever you need your vehicle to go, we can get it to a port fairly near by. Transit times vary depending on where it’s going, but on average it takes approximately 23 days to get your vehicle to South Africa.  We have around 2 sailings a month, subject to schedule.

We can also ship your car / SUV / 4 x 4 in a container to South Africa. The most popular container ports are Cape Town and Durban, but we can look into the others on request as well. We allow one vehicle to be loaded into a 20ft container and two vehicles to be loaded into a 40ft container for cargo quality and safety reasons.  Most of our container shipments are out of Felixstowe or Southampton, but if those are not convenient for you please let us know and we will try to find another available option that would suit you better.

Please be aware that it is the Shipper’s responsibility to look into any rules and regulations for South Africa prior to arranging shipment as we do not get involved with that. The best people to speak to would be clearing agents out in South Africa, or if you ring up the South African embassy in London, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

If you would like a quote, please get in touch and advise the make and model of your vehicle, where you would like it to ship to and which method (roro or container) you would prefer to use .


RoRo Car Shipping Schedule to South Africa:


Vessel Name Closing Date Estimated Time of Arrival
Hoegh Trident  17th Feb 2019  15th Mar 2019
                 Glovis Cougar                               02nd Mar 2019                    26th Mar 2019