Shipping Cars To Hong Kong From The UK

Shipping a Car to Hong Kong

Shipping a Car to Hong Kong

Shipping a Car from the UK to Hong Kong

We offer a very efficient service with competitive rates for car shipping to Hong Kong. We can offer shipping of cars by:

  • RoRo – Roll on Roll Off Car Shipping:

RoRo ships are specifically designed to carry cars under deck and so are not exposed to any external elements such as water. Cars are secured and lashed to the floor of the ship to prevent any movement during transit.

  • 20 FT or 40FT Containerised Car Shipping:

Cars are loaded and secured in the container to prevent any movement during transit. Containers are loaded with your car only and this is then opened at destination to ensure security.


Shipping a car to Hong Kong with Simba Shipping is a cost effective, efficient way to transport your vehicle from the UK. We have a fortnightly Roro (roll on, roll off)  sailing from Southampton, with a transit time of approximately 28 days, subject to schedule.  Once your vehicle is booked, we would send you a shipping note so you could arrange to deliver your vehicle to the port  where it will be held in a secure yard prior to sailing. A professional driver will drive your car onto the vessel and then it will be securely lashed under deck, away from the elements, for the voyage to Hong Kong. Shipping via Roro is cheaper than shipping in a container, and the transit times tend to be quicker as well, but for those customers who would prefer to ship in a container, we can load one car into a 20ft container, or two cars into a 40ft container. There are weekly sailings from Southampton and the transit time is 29 days approximately, again subject to schedule.

If you would like us to send you a quote to ship your car or  4 x 4 / SUV to Hong Kong,  please drop us an email or give us a call and let us know what the make and model of your vehicle is so we can get back to you with a price and the next available shipping schedule. If you have any questions at all regarding the shipment or the pros and cons of which method to use, please let us know as we are always happy to talk through the procedure with you and help where we can to give you the answers you are looking for.  Please have the dimensions of your vehicle to hand when you contact us for a quote and let us know if you are planning on loading anything inside your vehicle so we can check the same with the shipping line.


RoRo Car Shipping Schedule to Hong Kong:


Vessel Name Closing Date Estimated Time of Arrival